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What is Scrum?
Scrum is the leading agile framework. It has been used in software and product development worldwide since the 1990s to increase productivity, time-to-market, customer and employee satisfaction.
Why Scrum in sales organizations?
The challenges experienced by the founders of Scrum were similar to those faced  by today’s sales organizations. Scrum provides the means overcome them. Customer acquisition, account management, opportunity management, pipeline management, sales management and sales enablement can be highly effective when done the Scrum way.
How does it work?
According to a common saying, Scrum is simple to understand yet difficult to master. Get insight, advice and tools from the leading publication on Scrum for Sales. Book a conversation with the author on this page.
The first in-depth treatise on how to apply Scrum in sales organizations

Comprehensive use cases

Detailed guidelines

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Links Scrum to the psychological and behavioral issues that affect sales organizations

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